Mercian Evolution 06 Ultimate Stick 2021 – Lenco

Mercian Evolution 06 Ultimate Stick 2021

by mercian

Mercian Evolution 06 Ultimate Stick 2021

Multi-layer carbon construction Mercian hockey stick with 80% Toray carbon supplemented with fibreglass, Kevlar and basalt.

This Ultimate and Mid bend stick represents fantastic value for money with 80% Carbon at a relatively low consumer price point. The Ultimate bend offers an aggressive low-bend shape with an open face and shaft profile to aid drag-flicking, sling-shot pushing and disguised slaps. The Mid-bow option offers a straighter, more conventional bend for hitting purists. The high-levels of carbon still offer high energy transfer which is the fundamental requirement for hitting power, however, the 20% make-up of fibreglass, basalt and Kevlar offer a good level of feel and forgiveness if the player doesn't find the hitting sweet spot every time.

  • The Evolution 0.6 features the most aggressive 24.5mm bend that we have ever made - the Ultimate bend, and the more forgiving 23mm mid-bow.

  • This intermediate composite stick features a number of materials and finishes such as
    • High Friction Finish
    • Piezo-Electric Fibres
    • Dial Spone (mid-bow only)
    • Nano-Pol resins
    • Cold Satin Laquer Finish