Miltan Uniform Range – Lenco

Miltan Uniform Range

Lenco provides a wide range of wholesale range to numerous schools across New Zealand. This range has been offered since 1979, known as MILTAN. 

We stock a wide range of Shirts, Blouses, Shorts, Trousers in various colours and keep a stock of these items which is provided as back up stock for wholesalers.

Our preference is to offer this range to as many schools as possible but due to logistical or geographical reasons, not all schools can get the local support they need. In those case, we do offer direct supply to regional schools who buy direct from us and sell to their communities. This is done only when there is no wholesaler the school can work with or the school is too small to go via an intermediary retailer / shop.

Reach out to us if you need any generic range. In case you have a custom requirement or need a style or colour we do not stock, let us know, we will do what we can to meet your expectations.