Mercian Evolution 03 Ultimate Stick 2021 – Lenco

Mercian Evolution 03 Ultimate Stick 2021

by mercian

Mercian Evolution 01 Ultimate Stick 2021

A 95% carbon lay-up Mercian hockey stick - Quad Carbon Sleeve overlay & fibreglass micro-skeleton. Available in Ultimate bend.

A 4-piece carbon sleeve placed over a 95% carbon lay-up creates an exceptionally stiff high-performance stick. The Ultimate bend is more suited to drag flicking & 3D skills than the pro-bend so is a favourite with penalty corner specialists. QCS technology replicates the power delivered with conventional braiding but can be modified to enhance protection at specific stress points. All the Evo. sticks incorporate a textured resin face for ball control & 2 vibration control technologies - piezo-electric fibres & an m-gel internal collar. Additional feature is the extra cushioned grip created with a 0.75mm PU foam layer beneath standard super-soft m-tek grip

  • The Evolution 0.3 features the most aggresive 24.5mm bend that we have ever made.

  • This top end stick features a number of materials and finishes such as
    • High Friction Finish (face)
    • Piezo-Electric Fibres (vibration control)
    • Dual Spine (stiffness)
    • Nano-Pol resins (durability)
    • Cold Satin Laquer Finish